BOIL Play 2x Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas Trade Notes

DateActionSymbolDescriptionPriceQuantityFees & CommAmount
02/28/2024Buy to OpenBOIL 03/15/2024 17.00 PPUT PROSHARES TR II ULTR$17 EXP 03/15/24$1.205$3.30-$603.30
02/27/2024Sell to OpenBOIL 03/01/2024 17.00 CCALL PROSHARES TR II ULT$17 EXP 03/01/24$0.675$3.31$331.69
02/27/2024Buy to OpenBOIL 03/01/2024 16.00 PPUT PROSHARES TR II ULTR$16 EXP 03/01/24$0.495$3.30-$248.30
02/27/2024Sell to CloseBOIL 03/15/2024 15.00 PPUT PROSHARES TR II ULTR$15 EXP 03/15/24$0.885$3.31$436.69
02/26/2024BuyBOILPROSHARES ULTRA BLOM NATGAS ETF$14.99500-$7495.00
02/26/2024Buy to OpenBOIL 03/15/2024 15.00 PPUT PROSHARES TR II ULTR$15 EXP 03/15/24$1.515$3.30-$758.30

Objective: One week trade with a defined risk of $758.30 minimum ROI annualized >=100%

Note: If you’re viewing the active chart below to follow the trade and its well after the time of this post, you will have to navigate back in time to see it (Not sure if TradeView has static embeddable date ranges as of yet but if and when, I’ll edit this post to make ranges sticky.)


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